Why do lots of people start diets in January and then completely fall off the wagon?

January, according to recent research, is the worst time of the year to start a diet.
Andrew Shanahan (author of “Man v Fat: The Weight Loss Manual), believes that February is a far better month to start cutting the calories.
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Good planning and perfect timing is the key to success with most things in life. Starting a new diet is no exception. If you are going to make use of January, then your time is better spent planning how to launch your weight-loss programme, setting your goals and researching the best diet plan to suit your lifestyle.


January is effectively a full stop after the excesses of Christmas and New Year. After stuffing ourselves full of booze and naughty food, we can’t possibly be expected to just switch to salad and water immediately after the clock strikes midnight on December 31st.



January is often a depressing month. The days aren’t long, it gets dark early, and our moods wont get any better by restricting ourselves to some of our favourite foods either.
The main goal of dieting is often just squeezing back into our summer clothes before summer actually begins, and we all know starting something and failing usually makes it harder to pick ourselves up start again.


So – the conclusion: Just start in February and be committed.

February is also a much better time to concentrate on the financial aspects of a new diet. When you go to the supermarket, stocking your fridge with fresh fruit and vegetables or prime cuts of meat can cost more than the special offers of frozen foods and ready meals. If you can – make meal plans and work out what to buy according to what you’ve got left from your January wages.

If you get paid at the end of January then it might be a good time to join a gym. Many of the free joining offers will still be active – plus it will also start to get less busy now, from all the people who joined at the beginning of January, and have now given up already.

Work out what you’ve got left to spend on food from your wages and make a list. *Leave out junk-food* from the shopping list, and try to be strict  by only getting what’s on the list.

Apart from the lifestyle changes which will lead to losing weight and getting fit over time, there are also a few “quick-fix” options you can try while you are waiting to see the effects. You might have seen a few “too good to be true” adverts around the internet, and it’s hard to decide what’s real and what’s not.

We have gathered a few of the real “tips and tricks” that people have told us have actually worked for them. Some are even free or cost very little to try, so there’s nothing to lose by having a look at these great resources which have a proven track record of helping people lose weight.

Some of the free guides have optional extras you can buy, but you don’t have to make a purchase to see enough information. I’m not going to warn against buying, because the optional extras do help, and you’ll decide by yourself if it’s worth it. If you want to buy the extras, prices are usually quoted in dollars – and if you’re in the UK, like me, it’s a great time to be buying things by their dollar value due to the increase in the value of the pound recently. Paypal will just auto-convert that for you anyway on the latest exchange rate too. (Just head a bit further down to see our free meal planner)

Some of our favourite resources:



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